Paradise Island~The Bahamas <3

By: Hannah Wilson <3


In the simple,on the water, hometown atmosphere, who wouldn't want to visit the Bahamas? Just imagine, a subtle sweet tropical breeze floating through the air while on your way to your little Island home. The sound of tropical birds in the breeze while you sit on your boat and fish for for the evening. Whether you would like to walk along the waters edge,lay back and relax in a nice lagoon while drinking tropical drinks, or even take a few naps in your swaying hammock, The Bahamas is where you need to go.

Some History of The Bahamas...


In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue, right? But where exactly did he sail in 1492? Well it is said that in 1492 Christopher Columbus made his first landfall in the Western Hemisphere in The Bahamas. On October 12,1492 the Spaniards named what is now known as the Bahamas and 700 other islands "Bajar Mar" meaning shallow water.

For example, a young historian or an older professor might want to go to the Bahamas to do more research on this peculiar history of the Bahamas? Possibly you could just be an average Joe seeing exitment in walking on the same sand as the Spanish explorer,Christipher Columbus? Either way the possibilities are endless on the island of the Bahamas,the fun is everlasting,and the mystery of the tourquiose water and white sand is unnerving!

The REAL Bahamas...

BAHAMAS - Out Islands of The REAL Bahamas-HD

In this video people enjoy just a few of the wonderful activities to expierience in the Bahamas. Hiking,fishing,boating,snorkleing,diving,napping,sports,ect.

With the gorgeous climate of year round nothing-but-sun, why not head on out to the Bahamas and enjoy yourself? Dont you deserve a little me time? Well if you answered yes then why not get your me time? Whats holding you back?

Thank You!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my brochure on the Bahamas! I do plan on heading to the Bahamas A.S.A.P, I truly believe the Bahamas is a beautiful place to visit and I hope yall enjoyed! :D