OHVA High School Updates


Think About It

Can you believe we are in week 6 of the school year? Everyone has been in the trenches for six weeks, working to on-board new students, balance multiple cohorts, reach the families that are hard to find, and provide engaging instruction. Kyle, Marie and I are grateful for all you do on a daily basis.

Below in the data corner I shared some pretty encouraging visuals that reflect your hard work. Although our passing rate is taking a bit of a dive (normal for this time of year), you can see that only 8.2% of students did not log in at all last week! 94% of students earned points in courses last week and average time spent in courses is on the rise! This is encouraging and is a reflection of your perseverance and dedication. Thank you for all you do!

What You Need to Know

No HS Team Meeting today – Take this time to call your students!

Marie's k12 email is set up!

Please begin emailing her at mmueller@k12.com

Grading scale changes for 2016-2016 School Year

This year we have a new board approved grading scale.

A 93-100

A- 95-90

B+ 89-87

B 86-83

B- 82-80

C+ 79-77

C 76-73

C- 72-70

D+ 69-67

D 66-63

D- 62-60

F 59-0

Please note that this grading scale is not reflected yet in the LMS. For example, at this point you would see a grade of 94% as an A-. This should be an A and we are working on getting this fixed.

New Counselor Breakdown

We are happy to have Katie Bryant back from maternity leave! Attached is a counselor breakdown reflecting her return.

Staff Shout-Out!

A special thanks to Crystal Durbin, Yvonne Arling, Mari Schappacher, Cassie Boron, and April Thim for attending a Math Summit in Columbus on Friday to work with all grade bands to develop a plan to improve state test scores. The information they shared was invaluable. Thank you ladies for giving up a day out of your offices.

Upcoming Important Dates

September 26th - Cohort 4 Begins

Data Corner

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Where Are We?

Kyle and Marie are in their offices all week.

Andrea will be out part of Thursday and Friday, and will be at the office on a day that has not yet been determined.