Course Update - Ricchezza

8th Grade Science - Summer - June 23-27, 2014

Grades are updated

I have completed the grading for work turned in thru Sunday, June 22. As of when this flyer was written, all grades were up to date. I have completed and sent the progress reports for all students for the week. Students and parents, please check your grades, let me know if there are any problems, and turn in anything that is missing from the last two days.

News and Notes

  • We are getting close to the end. That might sound silly, since we just started, but summer school is a short session.
  • I am still online on Tuesdays at 10am for presentation of new material and on Thursdays at 10am for help. The Tuesday sessions are recorded and the recordings are available under "User Links" on the course homepage.
  • The last assignments for the 6 week group - aside from the final exam - are due Thursday, July 3 (which is next week). The last assignments for the 5 week group are due Thursday, July 10, which is also final exam day. Students in the 5 week group are strongly advised to work ahead of that schedule to avoid having to do regular work PLUS the final exam on the same day. So for 6 week students, that means you basically have two weeks left. Three weeks for 5 week students.
  • There is no school on Friday, July 4, for Independence Day. No assignments are due that day, and neither you nor I are expected to work.
  • The final exam will be available all day on Thursday, July 10. According to my instructions, no one may take it early. However, if you know of some overriding reason you cannot take it that day, please email me with any available documentation and I will pass it to the administration (if you have surgery scheduled, I think we'll work with you on that, but "I don't care to wait" is not a good reason.)
  • Everyone must take the final - no exceptions, no exemptions.
  • Some schools require you to be proctored during the final - check with them if you do this work in a school building.
  • Final grades will be released through the GaVS system - I am absolutely forbidden to discuss your final grade with you, your parent, or anyone at your school once the final is complete. This includes phone, email, snail mail, telegraph, or semaphore. Final grades are released on July 17.

Contact Mr. Ricchezza

Believe it or not, I exist for more than just grading papers and writing news announcements. I like actually helping people solve problems. So tell me your problems!