Digital Citizenship

Providing Parent Information to Connect Families

LPS 1st Digital Citizenship Week was a great success!

During Digital Citizenship week, all students at Litchfield Public Schools participated in lessons to empower them to be responsible online digital citizens. We integrated Common Sense resources into our curriculum and applied to be a Common Sense Digital Citizenship Certified School. We also offered parent education with a speaker, Erin Walsh.


"Ms. Walsh emphasized the importance for parents to put limits on the children in where and when they can use their computers and smartphones. She urged parents to say the devices should not be taken into bedrooms but only used in designated areas of the home.

Moreover, Ms. Walsh encouraged parents to set aside time for electronic devices to be put away so that parents and kids can interact together face-to-face. She also urged parents to model for the kids the behaviors they want to see emulated regarding the use of smartphones and computers. There are times to turn off the electronics and pay attention to the people."

For the full article written by Dan Frazier, published in the Independent Review, please click Here.

Digital Citizenship - Parent Tool Kit

The holiday season lends us some time to watch movies, read books or play games. For reviews and age ratings for movies, books, games and more visit

The New Guide to Managing Media for Tweens and Teens

Click the link above for more information on parenting; how to set rules to manage their constant access to media.

Haters and Trolls Video

Click this link for a 45 second video with 5 great tips!

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Bringing Computer science to our school!

"Computers are everywhere, but fewer schools teach computer science than 10 years ago. Good news is, we’re on our way to change this. If you heard about the Hour of Code last year, you might know it made history. In the first Hour of Code, 15 million students tried computer science. Last year, that number increased to 60 million students! The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics."

#HourOfCode #GoLitch

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Contact Info

For more information about Digital Citizenship, please contact a building Principal, Jennifer Ridgeway, or Darin Swenson.