Scott Hussey

Autobiography for READ 6350

Quick Bio

  • Born in Pittsburgh, PA - 1978
  • Raised & Educated in Florida
  • Gaither High School 1997
  • University of Florida, BS Advertising, 2001
  • University of South Florida, MA American Studies, 2010
  • Taught English in South Korea for two years
  • Traveled throughout Central America and Asia for a year
  • Lives in Walland, TN
  • English teacher at Clayton Bradley Academy
  • I dislike sharing personal information and posting self-images on-line (privacy hawk).

Humility, Redemption, and Bare Feet

The disciples walked, the Buddha walked, Jesus washed the begger's feet, and so, too, did Pope Francis. When you have travelled solely by your soles, you get to contemplate your soul. I have treaded, and I have needed redemption. Both required an understanding of humility. Our peaceful religions began with humble men who walked. While military leaders receive statues on horses' whose feet are raised (or not), our saviors walk. I hike. I walk. I aim to stay humble.