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Cooking classes with Chef Mu!

Are you hungry? Do you want to learn how not to be? Check out the spiciest class in the city!

Private In-Home Culinary Classes

Chef Mu will share his secrets of the kitchen, providing you with all of the basic needs of how to throw down! Taught right in your very own kitchen, classes are tailored made to your own specifics. Invite your friends & family over for a culinary experience like none other.


The class includes cocktails and refreshments to start - apron, pdf recipes, hands on demonstrations, basic knife safety skills, sanitation, food safety, and a fabulous meal prepared right before your eyes. Chef Mu will do all the food shopping, and will bring in additional tools or equipment.


One-on-one: $225.00

One-on-two: $350.00

For classes with three to to ten (maximum) $150 per person.

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Hungry? Then lets cook!