SLS Updates

June 3, 2020

How is it June already?

What a wild ride it has been since mid-March. On the one hand, there are days that seem to stretch forever, and yet, it's hard to believe it's June. The year 2020 is proving to be a year that will be indelibly marked, for all of us, for many reasons, in our minds and memories. (Earthquakes and tornadoes in upstate NY have been the icing on the cake.) All I can say is, I'm so glad that WSWHE SLS has been able to continue to serve our 31 school districts. Our ongoing support has been one of the things that motivates me to get out of bed in the morning.

And I'm glad that Friday is National Donut Day. :)

SLS and Multimedia operations

As I type this on June 3, SLS folks (J'aime', Deb, Amy, and Karin) are still operating remotely, and Multimedia (Alicia and Esther) are doing a blend of remote and on-site. Feel free to email us if you have any questions about ILLs, courier service, or other things. We'll try to answer as best we can. There is weekly courier service happening through Ballard Road to participating districts, though it varies depending upon whether the courier has access to various buildings.

Google Slides and Docs to showcase our ebook collections :)

Whew! I've been working for a while on a Google Slides "virtual library" of sorts, to give you all a birds-eye view of our Rosen, Marshall Cavendish, and Gale ebook collections (which are simultaneous access, by the way). I'm attaching a link in this section. If you've already made a copy, feel free to copy it again to get the updates. Virtual Library

  • Rosen and Marshall Cavendish titles have direct links to individual titles (feel free to ask us for the username and password for them).
  • The Gale ebooks are just images, because their platform may look different in your district, if your district has also purchased Gale ebook titles; and this platform uses location ID from your district to get you in. If you get stuck, holler. Plus, their platform is a little more convoluted (and I wanted to not only showcase subject areas, but collections like DK collections as well.)

Plus, here's the link to the Google Doc on Sora simultaneous access titles. Sora simultaneous access The Sora Sweet Reads are available until the end of July. Other "modern" simultaneous access titles that were added in March are available until the end of June. The Duke Classics are available until September 2021.

Gale database updates (Kids InfoBits is WAY different now)

So...Kids InfoBits is now "Elementary (Gale in Context)". The interface looks very different, so you may want to take some time to play around with it. I noticed this database now follows the rhythm and consistency of other Gale databases. There's also a "wonder" feature in the middle that is interesting.

Gale maintains a blog where they send out news of upcoming enhancements, if you're curious. The rollout of the Elementary database happened Friday. Gale emails updates out, but if you're like me, there have been bigger things on your plate than reading emails from Gale. This blog is a handy reference to look at instead.

Ordering from Overdrive Marketplace

Some of your are dipping your toes into Overdrive Advantage for the first time. Feel free to navigate to our FAQs page of our website to look for some screencasts and directions, and of course, reach out to us if you need our help with ordering! Amy Brennan-Strack can tell you about funds and purchase order numbers...J'aime' can explain some of the administrative aspects of funds, using CCD money, that sort of thing...I can guide you through the nuts-and-bolts of ordering, tell you your login information or get you a login, explain the different purchase models, and connect you with Overdrive folks.

Quick Cats and Vendor Loads (OPALS)

I'm still working regularly on quick cats and vendor loads. As far as I know, I'm current on any vendor loads from Perma-Bound and Follett Titlewave, so if you're just starting to get back into your library and find you have boxes waiting for you, chances are, those records are ready to go in your OPALS catalog. For JLG and other vendors, keep forwarding those to us if we don't get them automatically. (Just got a JLG load for a school today.) For Quick Cats, we sometimes receive email alerts, but sometimes don't, so bug us if you use Quick Cat and then don't see any action. I will be working on Quick Cats today for at least two districts for which I received an email alert.

Where can I find stuff in a hurry?

Visit our website to look for so many things, including:

  • Directory Information
  • Links to catalogs, including our professional collection
  • FAQs on databases, LRM, Overdrive Marketplace, Sora, and more
  • Links to standards and LibGuides

Spring 2020 Information, including webinars, Smores, and a link to the regional meetings information, is all here and here.