Canada 2050 Assignment

What will canada look like in 2050?

Canada in 2050

What will canada look like in 2050? In this smore you might find out. This smore will take a look at what the birth and death rate will look like in 2050, what challenges Canada might face, what will happen to our first nations community and if Canadas immigrants will come from the same country.

Birth Rate and Death Rate

Birth Rate:

  • To estimate the birth rate in 2050 we look at the population pyramid on the left, we can see that the birth rate in 2050 will decrease because the people who are 0-4 years old in 2013 will be 50-54 years old and because there are not many children born in that time there will be less children born in 2050 that will cause Canada's population to decrease.

Death Rate:

  • To estimate the death rate in Canada we can use the same population pyramid because when the population goes down that means that there were more deaths taking place therefore the death rate will continue to increase.

Canada's immigrants

A lot of Canada's immigrants come from the middle east because that is where most countries are located that have war, refugees and poor living conditions. But what will it look like in 2050? The immigrants that come to Canada will stay the same for countries like Asia, Africa and Latin America and might also accept our occurring social values. I feel that Canada's immigrants will continue to react the same way but with a few minor alterations by the immigration policies.

This video shows a short cli[p of what Canada's immigrants need to fill out todat, this will probably change in the year 2050.

Immigration and Citizenship Forms: The Basics

Canada's First Nations

Will Canada's First Nations people change in 2050? I think that the First Nations in Canada will slowly decrease because many people are being born forming a metis person, and there are many of them, This will eventually decrease the number of the First Nations in Canada when the metis marry a non-aboriginal person and the population is so low that they might not be a part of Canada anymore. The First Nations are trying to preserve the culture for now but I think that will help and will last for some time.


Canada 2050 by imveryfunnie