Axis Powers

Germany, Italy, and Japan

German Government

The government started out as a Fascist government and later on turned into a Dictatorship. The German government were increasingly dominated by the Nazi Party and Hitler. Hitler had used all his powers to overthrow the democratic government after WW1.

Italian Government

The Italian government was under a fascism government. Italy ad Benito Mussolini as leader of the country, called a fascist since 1922. Mussolini was with the Axis Nations and close to Hitler. Mussolini constructed a totalitarian state in Italy that would dominate every aspect of national life.

Japanese Government

Japanese government was under a monarchical type of government. Japan was ruled by Emperor Hirohito. The power of the Emperor was very limited. Power is exercised by the Prime Minister of Japan and elected members of the Diet, while self-government is vested in the people of Japan.

Axis Powers

On October 15, 1936 Germany and Italy signed a friendship treaty that formed the Rome-German Axis. It was after this treaty that Italian dictator Benito Mussolini used the term Axis to refer to their alliance. Shortly after, Japan and Germany both signed a Pact, which was a treaty against communism.

An even stronger alliance was signed between Germany and Italy on May 22, 1939 called the Pact of Steel. This treaty would later be called the Tripartite Pact when Japan signed it on September 27, 1940. Now the three main Axis Powers were allies in the war.

Following WWII

Having surrendered unconditionally, they were disbanded. Their country was occupied by Allied forces that ensured they would be under control and help them rebuild their destroyed cities.