Our Awesome Preschool Class!

Miss Chris and Miss Laura

This week in preschool...

This month in preschool, our theme has been "Awesome Animals!" We have been learning all about different animals from all over the world! We have learned that lizards can live in both the desert and near the beach! We have been exploring lots of different concepts through our animal theme...we learned tallest, longest, fastest, and strongest! We learned how to sort and order things by size, how to sequence what happened first, next and last, and we learned new vocabulary words like slither, climb, fur and scales!

Miss Diane's Speech Note

This week in Language group, we learned about Awesome Animals. The vocabulary targeted in this unit includes: animal, climb, feathers, fly, fur, scales, shell. In language group, I had 2 dice that had pictures of animals and the way they move (i.e.: swim like a fish, Fly like a bird, etc). Each child had a turn to pick a colored dice (there were two one yellow and one green) and ask a question of the person they rolled it to (i.e.: What animal is it? What does it say?). Then as a group, we moved like the animal they rolled. Talk about the animals you see in and around your home! With the beautiful weather, it is a great time to go to the zoo!

Miss Diane

Speech-Language Pathologist

Home/School Connection

Children love to be read to. Try to read to your child every day. If you can set aside a special time and place to enjoy a book or two with your child. Reading with your child helps strengthen the bond between you, and promotes increased communication! Point out familiar letters, words that rhyme. Have your child look at the pictures and predict what they think is happening or going to happen. Talk about what happened first, next and last! But most of all, enjoy the snuggles!


There is no school on Friday February 7th, it is a Professional Development Day for Staff.

School will be closed for February break February 17-21. School will resume on Monday February 24.

How I can be reached...

I can be reached via phone at 508-541-8166 or by email at dugganc@franklinps.net

Remember...no question is too small! Just asking may alleviate worries:)