The Man and the Chicken

Fable by: Owen Li

The Man and the Chicken

There once was a man and a chicken. The man wanted to eat some chicken tonight for dinner. He especially wanted the chicken wings and chicken drums to go with his famous Buffalo sauce. He wanted the chicken breaded and fried. Just like his parents used to do for him in Kentucky. He approached the chicken and told it what he wanted. The chicken was so horrified and had no way to defend itself. The chicken was scared , but had to do something. the chicken decided to talk to the man. It said that the man was foolish and shouldn't eat it.

"Why???" the man said, "I LOVE chicken, and you are not going to get in my way of a wonderful dinner!"

"Trust me, you do NOT want to eat me. I can help you with a problem of yours..." pleaded the chicken.

"I guess a little help couldn't hurt," the man uneasily said, "but, I would've LOVED to have some fried chicken with my famous Buffalo sauce..."

A few months later, the man was still troubled. He had taxes and bills, and MORE bills. He was furious that the chicken couldn't help him. He charged after that chicken, which had grown a LOT in the meantime. He was so hungry because he couldn't afford any food. He noticed many little chicks bouncing around. The chicken was shocked to see him.

"Why have you come to me at this time?" questioned the chicken.

"I am hungry and tired... I cannot wait any longer. I will now take your life away." the man said furiously.

"Don't be mad, you are foolish enough to think that I could help you with bills and taxes, yet I have helped you out by sacrificing my children to you." stated the chicken.

"Through out your complaining, you haven't even noticed my kindness towards you. For that me and my children shall leave." finalized the chicken.

So, the chicken and her chicks left the man behind with unpaid taxes and bills, and the man had an awful life afterwards.


Be patient
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