Illegal Drugs

By: Manjot Bala


Stimulants are psychoactive drugs that induce temporary improvements in either mental or physical functions or both. Stimulants increase alertness, attention, and energy, as well as elevate blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration. An example of a stimulant is caffeine.
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A depressant, or central depressant, is a drug that lowers neurotransmission levels. They are also known as "major tranquilizers" or "antipsychotics". An example of this is alcohol.
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It dulls your senses and relieves pain. It is an easy addiction. An example of this is cocaine.
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It alters perceptions, thoughts and mood. It causes an increase in heart rate and breathing. An example of this is mushrooms (shrooms).
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Inhalants are a broad range of intoxicative drugs whose volatile vapors or gases are taken in via the nose and trachea. It is a gas or vapor you breath in. An example of this is gasoline.
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