Jacob's Rescue

A Holocaust Story

Main Characters

Jacob - He went from being rich to being poor and starving inside a ghetto. He would have died if not for his aunt who was able to smuggle him out and give him a to a man named Alex who would care for him throughout the Holocaust.

Alex - Man who takes Jacob into his family to help him live through the Holocaust and the war and disguises Jacob as his nephew.

Mela - Alex's wife who is half and half on having Jacob because if they are caught with him they will be killed and doesnt want her family to die.


Jacob Gutgel went from being nice and rich to being starving and poor in the ghetto of Warsaw, Poland. He luckily smuggled out of it by his aunt and given to a man named Alex who said he would hide and care for Jacob during the Holocaust. Alex and his family have close calls about Jacob being discovered and have to give up everything to keep this boy alive and also keep his brothers alive as they have a friend find and bring Jacobs brothers Sholom and David to Jacob so they can be together. Alex would have to sell his apartment to save Jacob and move all over Warsaw and outside Warsaw to keep his family and his "nephews' alive until Warsaw is liberated.

Warsaw, Poland

Connections to Righteous Among Nations Award

1. Alex took in Jacob into their family to help him live through the Holocaust and WWII and risk the gestapo finding them and having Alex's family killed for hiding Jacob. Alex would even move to a new apartment to help Jacob not be found.( sheltering a jew)

2. Sholom and Jacob both get scarlet fever but Sholom dies of it before any medicine could help him but Jacob needs surgery which if he doesnt get it he wil die so Alex sells his apartment which he go over 10,000 dollars to pay for Jacobs surgery and keep him alive.(aiding a jew to a safer location)

3. Alex and Mela take in Jacobs brother David so they would be able to be together for the remainder of the Holocaust and war.( temporary adoption of children)

Quote/ Citation Panel:

"There won't be a next time papa. They're killing all the Jews."

"No, not all," Alex said softly."We have one."

Alex has hope that not all the Jews will die as long as they have Jacob.


This book was simply amazing and hard to put down. I usually dont enjoy many books but i found this book perfect and so interesting. This book shows what people would do to help others during terrible times in means of keeping someone alive and risking their lives keeping person alive.