The American Dream

By: Lily Blum and Gabi Harrington

Mercantilism vs. Capitalism

Mercantilism would help promote governmental regulation of a nation's economy. Through a positive balance of trade, especially of finished goods, historically, these policies often led to war and also helped colonial expansion.

Capitalism is known as private ownership for a production/creation of goods for profit. It had existed under different kinds of government, in different times, places, and cultures, but nowadays it's more dominant and much less reasonable.

Columbian Exchange vs. Internet

Columbian Exchange was the big transfer of animals, plants, culture, human populations, technology and ideas between American and Afro-Eurasian hemispheres. Unlikely to be meant at the time, infectious diseases were also a result of the Exchange.

The Internet consists of millions of private, public, academic, business, and government networks for anyone to see. The Internet carries an extensive range of information resources and services, but not all of it can be good.

Pros of Mercantilism, Capitalism, The Columbian Exchange & The Internet

Mercantilism Pros:

  1. Promoted an opportunity to eliminate poverty and the independent spirit.
  2. Encouraged the complete development of all natural resources.
  3. Naturally reduced unemployment rates.
  4. Cultural exchanges were encouraged to promote trades.

Capitalism Pros:

  1. Private ownership for a specific production of sale goods.
  2. Supply demand if the production sales do well.
  3. Great Economic growth for the profitability.
  4. Improved efficiency for growth and sales of the product.

The Columbian Exchange Pros:

  1. Very rarely experienced famine due to influx of different animal species.
  2. 58% of corn went to animal feed/food to keep animals alive.
  3. Livestock was introduced to the US.
  4. Increased food production around the world.

The Internet Pros:

  1. Used for different communication and comfort methods.
  2. Can be used for different kinds of entertainment methods.
  3. New economic methods are created for mankind to use.
  4. Widespread information to learn what is going on in the world.

Cons of Mercantilism, Capitalism, The Columbian Exchange & The Internet

Mercantilism Cons:

  1. Encouraged the hoarding of many resources.
  2. Always a risk of local raw materials and resources running out.
  3. Created high levels of resentment.
  4. Not every idea is able to be a profitable idea.

Capitalism Cons:

  1. Inequality in the system creates social division.
  2. Mega companies can take over the wealth.
  3. Major abuse of the wealth system
  4. Ignoring factors of inequality of wealth.

The Columbian Exchange Cons:

  1. 50% estimated death of native americans after arrival of europeans
  2. Led to the widespread of slavery in the world
  3. Diseases devastated the population of the Americas
  4. Species of animals have diminished because the quick spread of diseases.

The Internet Cons:

  1. Personal information can be compromised.
  2. Internet addiction leading to issues.
  4. Wide spread audience that could be really bad people.

So What?

Everything has its pros and its cons, both of these sides matter in this situation so you can actually see what side has more evidence to support the claim. Mercantilism exploited poor people so they were able to make more trades which possibly led to slavery coming to the Americas. They also make it seem like they are all of one race that is poor which is never true it's just the normal thing they grew up with hearing. Finally, they are just showing us how people are still worried about race and hold that race to a specific group of people and then big companies use this against people by calling them poor and homeless, but really they are asking you to donate so they can make more money for a new product for them to sell and make even more money.

Now What?

We believe that humanity can use this information to help its self to stop abusing its wealth system. Also to find a positive balance between the trades and profit with the abuse. I believe that the widespread of animals and how they would get basically half of the corn production was great since they usually help us out in return. The only thing is nobody knows how to use their wealth anymore for better causes or help people out because people have become selfish ever since. Even on the Internet people are being scammed out of their hard earned money and end up losing it all because of identity theft or just them buying a product and it ends up not being the real thing. Lets just end this with this question, "How do you really know anything for sure?" We are only left with the stories that we had developed from evidence found from these times, but then again why is every story different?

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