My life

My journey

My name is Camila Alvarez, I'm 17 years old and i'm a junior at Eisenhower, its my first year at a new school, meeting new people and making new friends but other than that I'm a pretty quiet person at first but get to know me and ill turn out to be good, fun, caring friend. I'm the only girl out of 3 loving/annoying brothers, and of course I have so much love for my parents. And I am an animal lover!

Something you'll never change your mind about.

Something that I'll never change my mind about is that abortion is never the right answer. Yes some people may think that its right to do,but we all have different opinions in. As my response is that taking the life away from an innocent baby that didn't do nothing wrong has to pay the price. Why not just have it and put it up for adoption.

Future goal!

My future goal is to become a pediatrician, I absolutely adore kids! And I want them to get help that they need and get cured, when ever i see a kid happy makes me happy. And becoming there hero well that makes me feel good about my goal in life. Also working in the medical field is my thing, i tend to be really into health science!

Personal motto

My personal motto in life, is that never give up in your dreams. Stay focused, prove the people that wish you the worse and fight for what you love. And also if you're ever having a every bad moment in achieving something, its okay because after a bad storm there's always going to be a brighter moment and that moment is yours.


If all else fails..

If all else fails, just smile and go ahead and accept whatever life throws at you. Learn to deal with it and go move on we, you, and I are strong independent!