Peterson's Post


Stars and Wishes


1. Field Day- I was not here but just a few minutes, but it looked like it was going great! Nice weather.

2. The Celebration Assembly is going to be amazing. The committee and all who volunteered to help with it did an great job. You are going to LOVE IT!!

3. Thank you so much for your hard work on Career Day Sharon--it will be great as always!

4. Thank you all for a great year. Your hard work and dedication to our students is second to none. I appreciate you all more than you know and feel blessed to be part of this Mann Team. I hope you have a relaxing summer!

A Wish or two or three:

1. Please make sure to send post cards to your students before the last day of school.

A few little things for next school year

August 11th- We will be starting work as a staff We are doing this as a trade out day for January 3rd----this means you will have one extra day for Winter Break

Sunday, August 14th We will have the cookout at my house. We will cook out burgers etc. I will send out more information later. I hope you can all come.

August 15th- We will be doing the Escape Rooms in the morning. I will send more information later.


Definition: Gratitude, the feeling of appreciation or thanks
1. That we are in our last week of school and everyone is still smiling!

2. That Caeli will be here all summer.

3. I love my job and look forward to coming to school each day. If I had to choose a career again, it would be the same!

Friday Feedback

Please click on the link above to go to the Friday Feedback link. Please do this each Friday!


You have 4 days left to send the remaining post cards to your students.

Week of May 16-19th

16th- Career Day

17th- Famous Missourians- morning

17th- 3-5 MAP celebration- afternoon

18th- Celebration Assembly- 9:30 and 5th grade clap out

19th- Last day of school- 2 hour early release- This is a full contract day for teachers

At A Glance

  • Please make sure to finish your end of the year checklist
  • Your Growth Plan should be completed and my comments on the Leader comments before closing out.
  • You close out by putting in the last 4 digits of your SS number
  • Make sure all furniture if marked in your room.
  • Take home anything that has sentimental value or anything you do not want misplaced during the summer.
  • Anything you that was district purchased must be available for EXPLORE teachers.
  • You MAY KEEP YOUR DEVICE. EXPLORE teachers will get their own device for the summer. (if they are out of district---they will bring their own device if they are an SPS employee)

Duties for May 16th-19th


APR- Thornsberry

Bus- McVicker

Front Sidewalk Duty: SUBS

Car- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday- Sweet/Wednesday and Friday- Smith



May 16- Sweet

May 17- Sweet

May 18- Sweet

May 19- Perkins


May 16- Martin

May 17- Martin

May 18-Martin

May 19- Johnson


May 16- Feistner

May 17- Feistner

May 18- Feistner

May 19- Thomas


May 16-Hoos

May 17-Hoos

May 18- Hoos

May 19- McConnell


May 16- Carabello

May 17- Carabello

May 18- Carabello

May 19- Burrows


May 16-Cowles

May 17-Cowles

May 18-Cowles

May 19- Post

Parking Lot Exit-Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Pheonix/Wednesday and Friday- Maxwell

Birthdays and Recognition Days

ALL OF THIS HAS BEEN UPDATED ON CANVAS. Please make sure you know when you are responsible for your day or month.

MAY Birthdays:

Tessa Sweet- 5/18

Brad Cowles-5/23

Marilyn Sweet 5/23

JUNE Birthdays:

Ben McVicker- 6/1

Donna Dickens- 6/5

Laura Wrinkle- 6/12

July Birthdays:

Cat Krepinnevich 7/4

Nancy Martin 7/12

August Birthdays: (up until we start school)

Danielle Carson- 8/2

Jeff Fisher-8/9

Emily McConnell-8/10

Hannah Parsley-8/16