Lesson 12 Cultural Discussion DUE

すいようび Wednesday- May 3, 2017

Today's Important Info:

(◕‿◕) おはようございます!きょうはすいようびです。

TODAY, continue to do your best! Look through your grades for lessons 8-11 and submit any missing work you have left to improve your grade!

Your L12 Cultural Discussion is due. Please don't forget to submit that assignment on time, by 11:59pm TODAY! As well as all the 2 comments required.

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May 3rd in Japanese is Constitution Memorial Day (part of the Golden Week holidays)!!

Ayalaさん! Lyons さん! Willeさん!

Nice work on your L12 Reading and Writing Assignment!!! ^o^

たいへんよくできました! *\^o^/*

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L12 Cultural Notes talks about: にほんのスポーツ

Do you know たかがり?

In Japan, Falconry, or たかがり is making a comeback! Check out this article about a high school girl who has been bringing back the art of falconry on her own? http://www.japanprobe.com/2012/04/08/schoolgirl-falconer-fights-crows/
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