Development of Big Business

Dixon Hestetune


John Pemberton (1830-1888) invented Coca-Cola on May 8th, 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He had invented many syrups, medicines, and elixirs before, including a very popular drink called French Wine of Coca, which contained French Bordeux wine, cocaine, and caffeine. When Atlanta banned alcohol consumption in 1885, Pemberton had to change the formula of his French Wine of Coca, omitting the French wine. He added sugar, citric acid and essential oils of many fruits to the drink, and the original Coca-Cola was created. It quickly became a very popular soda fountain drink. Pemberton became partners with Frank Robinson and David Roe, but the partnership soon quarreled. Pemberton sold his interest in Coca-Cola. Cocaine is no longer an ingredient of Coca-Cola, but caffeine, sugar, citric acid, and fruit oils remain. its on of the most bought soda.

Knights of Labor (KOL),

Knights of Labor (KOL), first important national labour organization in the United States, founded in 1869. originated as a secret organization meant to protect its members from employer retaliations. Secrecy also gave the organization an emotional appeal. based on a belief in the unity of interest of all producing groups (shopkeepers and farmers, as well as labourers), it proposed a system of worker cooperatives to replace capitalism. The KOL’s influence declined sharply after 1886—a year marked by 1,600 strikes. The Knights, by contrast, represented both craft and unskilled workers in a single national union.

Pullman, Illinois.

the life in pullman was rough couse of the strike an the bisness. owners lost money an soon went in to det an they didnt have a good sale time

equals the Haymarket Square Riot in 1886

The demonstration, which drew some 1,500 Chicago workers, was organized by German-born labor radicals in protest of the killing of a striker by the Chicago police the day before. Midway into the rally, which had thinned out because of rain, a force of nearly 200 policemen arrived to disperse the workers. As the police advanced toward the 300 remaining protesters, an individual who was never positively identified threw a bomb at them. After the explosion and subsequent police gunfire, more than a dozen people lay dead or dying, and close to 100 were injured.

U.S today

today labor is work an thats not doing good it kinda sucks an stuff people work an dont get much or they cant get a job its hard to get one couse of the econimy.