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From Austin City Limits to the Iditarod Trail

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The Eanes school is heralded as being the oldest continuously run school in the state of Texas. It has been operating on the same site since 1874
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Lego STEAM Activity

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The Four C's


Critical Thinking




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Simple Circuit

  • Copper Tape
  • Battery
  • LED Light
  • Clip
Circuit Stickers tutorial 1: simple LED circuit

Widow's Lamp

Book Marks


Circuit Scribe

Circuit Scribe: Draw Circuits Instantly
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STEAM elements for education

Makey Makey

Iditarod So
makey movie Small 1
Time Lapse of Student Diorama

Eric Brooks-Author Visit

Iditarod and STEAM Activity Examples & Links

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NXT Lego Dog Sled

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Project Ideas for NXT Dog Sled

1. Have students problem solve by creating new dog designs for the dog sled. Older students can download and tweak the program in addition to designing new dogs.

2. After students have built the NXT Dog Sled, have them redesign their own sled and then program it to complete a given course.

Lego EV3 Iditarod Husky

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The Lego EV3 Iditarod Husky building project was modified and adapted from the original Lego NXT Puppy project found on

Project plans for the EV3 Lego Husky Dog

Project Ideas for the EV3 Lego Husky Dog

1. Use masking tape to create a trail or path on the classroom floor. Have students program their dog to complete the trail and time how long it takes them to complete the trail without going outside the lines.

2. As students get more proficient with programming, add challenges such as mountains or ramps, moose to detour around, etc..

3. Students can design a sled to attach to the dogs and then have the dog and sled complete a designated course.



Ollie - Official Launch Video || Sphero Connected Toys

Dash and Dot

Dash & Dot by Wonder Workshop
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Stop Motion Video

iStopMotion App for iPad

Students created an eight second video of a husky howling using the iStopMotion app. The app is great for school projects because you can stop and restart easily the next day. You never lose your place with the onion skin feature.
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STEM Action Research

Action Research Paper by Kelly Van Meter introducing STEM Carts to Eanes Elementary.

Eanes Stem Carts

STEM Cart Materials

Education Playground

Awesome Link to Elementary STEAM Resources

Full STEAM Ahead!