Cory's Spring Damsel Update

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If YOU don't protect yourself --- who is going to?

Howdy, friends!

Just a friendly reminder to check those purses -- is your pepper spray at the bottom somewhere down there? Is your stun gun battery dead? Is your personal alarm in your 'other' purse? Did you give your pepper spray to someone in need?

Summer is almost upon us -- more time outside, on vacation, beach-bound.

Now is the time to take an inventory of your PROTECTION. If your pepper spray is more than 2-years old, it's time to replace! If your stun gun hasn't seen any action, make sure it's charged. Going on a road trip or vacation this summer? Get yourself geared up for safety.

I can help you take charge of your safety -- just give me a call! We have a great special running until June 30th -- you purchase a GOTCHA! Stun Gun, and you receive a Take it and Leave it Pepper Spray set for FREE ($25 value!).

Remember, nothing you have for protection is going to do you any good in your 'other' purse (that's what I hear the most)j.


p.s. - remember, your pepper spray, kubotans and stun guns can't be taken through TSA! They can be in your checked baggage, and if you have questions about the legalities of weapons in other states, give me a call.

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Hey Runners! Hey Joggers! Hey Walkers! Do you have a Hot Lil' Hand?

This 'hands free' pepper spray makes it easy to protect yourself while running, walking, jogging, strollering or even just out and about. Your choice of 4 colors includes a .5 oz. 18% OC pepper spray canister and 4-finger neoprene glove that fits either hand. Hand washable, and easy to use. Don't leave home without this tiny, portable super hero. Awesome gift for those healthy, outdoorsy types! $20

Are you a Traveler? Check out these travel safety necessesities!

Looking for a few good Damsels ...

There couldn't be a better time to join my team and change your life and countless others by running your own Damsel in Defense business! Just $149 to start gets you $350+ worth of product and business tools to get started. Tons of training, new friends and gigantic Nationwide Damsel family, an amazing corporate office and no limit to your income potential. Let's meet and chat about it! Coffee is on me. Contact me today.


Currently booking Empower Hours for May/June/July!

You are also welcome to order direct from my website -- remember, everything ships direct to YOU from Boise, Idaho and has a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Hope to hear from you soon.


Women's Self-Defense Course at Xplosive Fit

Tuesday, May 17th, 7pm

23747 Roscoe Boulevard


This is a 90-minute class that is a gnarly, hands-on session that will help to prepare you for hand-to-hand combat. The class is fun, fast-paced, very physical (ages 14+). I will have my Damsel goodies there too, and hope to see you there. $30 donation -- and YOU MUST CONTACT ME TO REGISTER. Text me at 818-599-2562 and I will forward the online registration form! Sells out fast, so act quickly!
Damsel in Defense | Who We Are
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Hostesses Wanted!

Find that you want one of everything? No problem! Host an in-home, at work, or even online or catalog EMPOWER HOUR (party!) and you earn our fantastic PROTECTION PERKS -- your rewards for being a crazy good hostess. You can even earn your Damsel Starter Kit with those Protection Perks and start your own business for free (not including tax!)!

Contact me TODAY to book your event!