My Hero

My Aunt

Debbie St. Peter (My Hero)

I think a hero is someone who puts other people before them, someone who knows they're going to get hurt trying to save someone. I think a hero is someone who knows they're doing the right thing, even if they know that it might cost them their own life. But I also think that a hero can be just your regular school teacher. It could be someone trying to make a change in someones life for the better. My hero is my aunt Debbie. My aunt grew up in Green Bay. She met her husband Corey at a party, and then later had 3 three boys, Jack, Charlie and Luke. I consider my aunt a hero because she works as a teacher for kids with a disability like autism. I think that she is a hero because she is helping underprivileged kids to make the best of their lives. She is trying to help them learn how to survive in life with a disability once they get out of school. My aunt is also a hero because she is putting her sanity on the line. My aunt doesn't really enjoy being a teacher because she has to deal with kids talking back, pulling other kids hair and just your normal everyday rough play. She deals with all of that 5 out of 7 days a week just to make a difference in someone's life. That is why I think my aunt is a hero.
By: Bridget Alberts