The Honey Badger Project

By Isaiah Felton

The honey badger is a very unique and mysterious creature. The proper name is ratel, but it gets the common name honey badger from what seems to be its favorite food known as honey. It's physical appearance resembles a stocky body with short, strong legs, along with long claws on its front feet for digging and defense purposes. The honey badger also have a similar trait to the skunk allowing when frightened or threatened, to release a “stink bomb” hinting that the honey badger is not one to be messed with. Also the honey badger is primarily a carnivorous species and has few natural predators because of its thick skin and ferocious defensive abilities.

Through a brief discovery scientist have found that if A honey badgers traits are transferred correctly could help our solders in combat. As we all know the honey badger while beautiful and majestic, is not one to be messed with. The trait that makes the honey badger such a dangerous creature is its lack of fear, honey badgers will literally fight anything with out a second thought. If there was a way to give our solders the "no fear" trait I feel that we would be considerably more effective in combat. Another good trait that the honey badger has is its very tough skin allowing for damage given to the honey badger do be little to none in combat. This would also be very beneficial to soldiers because it would allow for our soldiers to be more protected in combat.

In my opinion it think that the honey badgers traits would be very effective . The ability to have no fear and the ability to have extra tough skin would help our soldiers in combat. This is the best new thing to get our soldiers ready for war.