Tierra Helada

The Icy High Elevations

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They plant the few crops that will grow at high elevations, including a native grain called quinoa, along with certain types of potatoes.


Temperatures are very low in Tierra Caliente. The tierra helada lies between 12,000 and 15,000 feet, with average temperatures varying from 20°F to 55°F. This is an extreme environment. The climate is very cold and windy.


The Andes Mountains are known for their mineral deposits such as tin and silver. The high Andes have many mineral deposits, including tin, lead, copper, and silver. Working conditions in the mines are quite dangerous, with many miners contracting lung disease or getting injured on the job. However, mining does provide one of the few sources of cash income in this harsh environment.


They also raise llamas and alpacas, two types of animals that are related to the camel. Llamas and alpacas produce thick wool for blankets, bags, and clothing. People have adapted to life in the tierra helada in various ways. As in the tierra fría, they dress in warm clothing.