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We have some great classes planned for Debate Academy this November. Read our class guide below for all the details!

October Tournaments

We held two successful National Style tournaments this October. All divisions engaged with Education related topics.Thank you to all our volunteer judges who made these events possible.

Congratulations to all participants!

October 17th High School Tournament

Our highschool tournament motions were this house supports free university education and this house believes hands on experiences are better than degrees.

Tournament Results

Novice Speakers
  1. Gurleen K, Bedford Road Collegiate
  2. Abdullah A, Bedford Road Collegiate
  3. Hizba M, Bedford Road Collegiate

Novice Teams

  1. Abdullah A & Yusra M, Bedford Road Collegiate
  2. Gurleen K & Shaheer M, Bedford Road Collegiate
  3. Hizba M & Tajwar N, Bedford Road Collegiate
Open Speakers
  1. Lucas T, Walter Murray Collegiate
  2. Aditya K, Bedford Road Collegiate
  3. Isabelle M, Bedford Road Collegiate

Open Teams

  1. Sahasro B. & Lucas T, Aden Bowman & Walter Murray Collegiate
  2. Isabelle M. & Mahrukh H, Bedford Road Collegiate
  3. Hamza S. & Aditya K, Bedford Road Collegiate

October 24th Elementary Tournament

Our elementary tournament motion was this house prefers online education. The elementary tournament was our biggest virtual event yet! We had almost one hundred participants, including debaters, judges, and observers.

If your family members or friends would like to observe a tournament, please contact the SEDA office.

Tournament Results

Beginner Speakers
  1. Ibrahim H, Greystone Heights School
  2. Mehtab B, Greystone Heights School
  3. Sumaysha W, Silverspring School

Beginner Teams

  1. Ibrahim H & Mehtab B, Greystone School
  2. Sumaysha W & Salwa J, Silverspring School/SHED
  3. Jens M.V & Dougal F, Saltcoats School
Intermediate Speakers
  1. Samuel W, Greystone Heights School
  2. Aaleyah A, Sylvia Fedoruk School
  3. Lucas L, Greystone Heights School

Intermediate Teams

  1. Lucas L & Samuel W, Greystone Heights School
  2. Mae S & Ruby S, Shevkenek Academy
  3. Rylen C & Aaleyah A, Sylvia Fedoruk School.

Reflections from Debaters

I love debating because you put your view into the conversation when no one might have thought of it... Debating in a tournament puts pressure on you, and with that pressure you might strive to do better than before. In online tournaments it's hard to keep track of what's happening because there might be a glitch or weird noise but it gets easier when you know you can ask people what happened. For the next tournament I want to try and improve the flow of my speeches and keep my train of thought when asked questions.

Basmah O

Grade 7

Regina Huda School

Upcoming British Parliamentary Tournament

Registration deadline is Friday October 30th. Debaters in grades 7 to 12 are welcome to compete.

There will be three rounds of impromptu debate.

Get all the details HERE!

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