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September 22, 2017

Show Class. Have Pride. Display Character. If You Do, Winning Will Take Care of Itself." Paul "Bear" Bryant

I love Homecoming Week! I loved it as a CN Student, I loved it when I sponsored Student Council, I love it as a school administrator, and I truly missed it for the short time I wasn't at CN. There is just something about a small town homecoming week that is filled with tradition and pride. Homecoming week is an exciting time to come together as a whole and celebrate our school spirit.

School spirit helps to create a positive learning environment for both students and staff. And having a positive learning environment is one of the many things that helps to make our school successful. School spirit helps to develop and foster relationships among students and staff. And in the end, those positive relationships will lead to our success.

It was those relationships, the bonds that I formed as a student and that developed over the years that brought me back to CN after college and then again when I returned from FCAVC. It was having teachers that poured their hearts out into students, day after day. It was staff that went above and beyond in helping students grow, learn, and develop. It was the sense of community and pride in our school It was school spirit – I am a CN Cougar!

So I ask you . . . Do you have school spirit? Do you support our students in all that they do? ? Do you know what our students are involved in and ask them about their games, performances, and competitions? Do you cheer on our sports teams when they take on rival schools? Do you go to see the plays and musical performances put on by our school's Fine Arts Departments? How about our school's academic teams? Do you participate in dress up days? Do you cheer at Pep Rallies? Do you volunteer to chaperone activities? Do you bring items for our food drives? Do you wear your CN apparel with pride? Do people around you know you are a Central Noble Cougar and you are proud to be one?

If you find yourself lacking in school spirit, let’s talk. I didn’t by any means provide an exhaustive list of ways to demonstrate spirit; maybe you have other ideas or suggestions. If you do, let’s try it! School spirit brings us together and shows us that we are part of something greater than ourselves!

Grateful Friday Challenge

Show your school spirit this week by taking part in our

2017 Homecoming Week activities!

Click on the link below to see a schedule of this week's activities.

Are You Up for A Spirit Challenge?

Our staff could totally pull this off for the 2017 Homecoming Week!

Let me know if you would like to lead or participate!

Upcoming Events

9/24 - Community Bonfire & Pep Rally

9/25 - Hallway Decoration

9/27 - Co-Ed Volleyball Tournament

9/28 - Sr HS Tech Integration

9/28 - Jr/Sr HS Cougar U Convo

9/29 - Day of Caring

9/29 - Pep Session

Click on the link below for this week's athletic events: