Texas Eco Regions Energy Project

Everything is BIGGER and BETTER in Texas!

Texas Eco Region Map

Step 1: Assemble a group of 4 team members.

Step 2: As a group, pick an Eco Region of Texas to investigate!

Step 3: As a group, decide what digital format you will use to gather information and present to the class. You may choose one of the Digital Posters from the following link.

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Unit Objectives

You will research and describe how different environments support different varieties of organisms; describe how biodiversity contributes to the sustainability of an ecosystem and/or ecoregion; and illustrate the flow of energy through living systems, including food chains, food webs, and energy pyramid.

Your Project Should Include the Following Information:

Biome Information

  1. A. Identify your Texas Ecoregion and the biome that it belongs to.
  2. B. Identify the major abiotic factors that influence the biome type present.
  3. C. Include water sources, precipitation and average temperature information.
  4. D. Include a map of your ecoregion.



  1. Your digital poster should be organized, neat and legible

  2. Your digital poster must include images for each topic area

  3. All components of a specific topic area should be grouped together or each group may be distinguished by coloring coding each section with a different color.


Biome Information: 12 points

Energy Pyramid: 30 points

Food Web: 24 points

Decomposers: 18 points

Layout: 16 Points