The Colored Lakes of Mount Kelimutu

December 15, 2014 By: Megan Sowder

Have you ever seen a volcano erupt? That's kind of how the Multicolored Lakes of Mount Kelimutu look like, but there's no lava, and surrounding these lakes is a thick mist. And get this: these lakes are colored. The lakes of Mount Kelimutu in Indonesia are a beautiful sight to see, and one of the wonders of the world.


These sacred lakes are located near the tiny town of Moni, east of Ende, Indonesia and central Flores. (Kelimutu, Indonesia is the exact location.)

The Color

These magnificent crater lakes are all part of one volcano, and two even share a crater wall! Their colors vary, and can change unpredictably between red, blue, green, or even black. Scientists have recently discovered that their colors may change caused by the chemical reactions resulting from the minerals contained in the lake, that was perhaps triggered from volcanic gas activity. Nevertheless, its still a mystery on why they all vary in color.
Acid Lakes! Magic Volcano Kelimutu and three crater lakes of varying colors / HD1080 (2013)

The Legend

Another thing about the lakes, is that some people (typically the Indonesian people) believe that they're a final resting place for departed souls. The two adjacent lakes, "The Enchanted Lakes,"or "The Lake of Young Men and Maidens" are often green or red out of respect. And the "Lake of Old People" is typically blue.
"The best part of beauty is which no picture can express." Francis Bacon the lawyer, and scientist once said. Its one thing to see a picture of these lakes, but when you see it in person, its wonderful. So wonderful, you can't put it in words.
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I hoped you learned something, and remember: DO NOT go swimming in these lakes unless you think it would be fun to be cooked alive.



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