Pilates Louisville

January 2016

New Year Brings Big Changes

Happy new year! I'm so grateful to be starting 2016 with you. Thank you for continuing to practice Pilates with me and being part of our community.

I wanted to share some exciting news with you. I have purchased Pilates Village (4160 Westport Road in St. Matthews) from owner Stacy Celi. It's the largest studio in town and will enable me to expand my business as well as begin training other Pilates teachers. I'm excited about the opportunity to spread Pilates throughout the community. As many of you know, I am also in the process of getting divorced and need to grow my income to support John and stabilize my retirement assets. I'm hopeful the larger business will enable me to reach my financial and career goals. However, as with any big change, there will be some adjustments.

On the plus side, I will be able to offer group classes so that you can practice Pilates more frequently -- as well as invite friends and family who could not be accommodated before now! We'll also be able to learn from a variety of highly qualified teachers in the studio.

On the other hand, we'll lose some privacy, and I may need to adjust the current schedule to allow for group classes. Additionally, I will need to raise my prices in line with the fees established at Pilates Village (please see pilatesvillage.com for rates). For those who started at Pilates Louisville before 2015, the fee increase will be fairly significant. In some cases, we might be able to add a third person to a duet group or transition you to small group classes to keep the costs low. Please talk to me about your specific needs, and I will do everything possible to work with your schedule and budget. If you have purchased a multiple-class card with me, I will honor any of the remaining classes on your card at the current rates. (See below for a great way to earn free classes!) Each of you matters to me, and I greatly value your commitment to Pilates and your ongoing relationship with me.

We'll start transitioning classes to the studio beginning on Monday January 18. Because of a workshop scheduled at the studio on January 29-30, we will have all classes at my home studio on those days. Going forward, I must also ask for 24 hours notice of cancellation or charge you for the class.

NOTE: I will be selling some equipment, accessories, and supplies that I won't need at the new studio. Let me know if you are interested in buying anything for your own use.

January referral special

Refer someone who buys a new student, 5-class introductory package ($299) from January 16-31, 2016 and you receive 1 free group equipment class ($30 value)! No limit to the number of referrals you can claim!

Note: New students must mention your name at the time of purchase. Studio scheduling and cancellation policies apply. All classes are subject to availability. Class offer expires in 3 months.

Become a Pilates Teacher in 2016!

I will partner with Stacy Celi and Joan Richert to offer two teacher training sessions this year at Pilates Village. The excellent but demanding comprehensive program is offered through Pilates Sports Center in Encino, California (http://pilatessportscenter.com/training/pilates-teacher-training/ ), where I will complete my Master Teacher training certification next month. The schedules for the two 15-week workshops follows. Please note that many more hours will be required beyond this classroom time for practice, observation, and apprentice teaching before prospective teachers can become fully certified.

Saturdays and Sundays 2-6pm

  • Fundamentals (required): March 12th and 13th 2016

  • Pilates Mat: March 19th – April 3rd

  • Reformer: April 9th – May 15th

  • Cadillac: May 21st – June 5th

  • Wunda Chair: June 11th – June 25th

Review & Written Exam June 26th / Final Practical Exam July 2nd

Saturdays and Sundays 2-6pm

  • Fundamentals (required): August 20th and 21st 2016

  • Pilates Mat: August 27th – September 4th

  • Reformer: September 17th – October 23rd

  • Cadillac: October 29th – November 13th

  • Wunda Chair: November 19th – December 3rd

Review & Written Exam December 4th / Final Practical Exam December 10th.

If you are interested in either session, please contact me soon to discuss requirements and fees. I would love to have some of you work as colleagues with me in coming years! Also, feel free to share this information with others.

The Myth of the Six-Pack

I loved this article from the RealtalkFitness series, in which a Pilates instructor explains why she does not aim or train for six-pack abs. As I've shared over the years, the muscular definition that people get from crunches and other traditional ab exercises is largely superficial, with the rectus abdominis prevailing and the deeper core muscles (transverse abdominis, obliques, pelvic floor, and diaphragm) mostly ignored. Pilates develops the entire powerhouse -- if you do it right. The evidence can show on the outside but, more importantly, it provides a strong foundation on the inside. Six-pack abs are often far from healthy for the body. As the writer of the article shares, "the extreme low levels of body fat required to see a six-pack can lead to eating disorders, anxiety, and depression." Who wants that? Give me the stomach five series of Pilates any day! For more, read: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-22872/im-a-pilates-instructor-i-dont-want-a-6-pack-heres-why.html

You Never Know When...

...your Pilates practice will pay off. I hear over and over again from students who share examples of times when their Pilates core strength and flexibility kicked in at important moments. Or when someone noticed their muscle tone and good posture. Recently, Dawn Davis shared this gem. It made my week!

"This morning at work I went to fill my coffee cup and unknown to me someone had just mopped the floor," she wrote. "I slid on the wet floor, twisted my ankle and turned in such a way that I hit my chin on the counter!!! Sounds terrible and I'm 100 percent okay and was saved by my Pilates muscles by catching my fall. P.S. -- I didn't even drop my coffee cup!"

Then Dawn's duet partner, Abby Smith, shared that her teenaged son (whom she says is as chiseled as a statue) recently had observed her buff arms and said, "Wow, Mom, I guess that Pilates really works!"

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