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RILINK Newsletter August 2018

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As the school year begins, we have much to share about changes to Destiny and other member benefits. As always we may be contacted via email, phone, or text. Contact information is available on the RILINK website at http://guides.rilink.org/home/about and in our email signatures. Please copy all staff members on email so the first available person can answer your question.

Watch for more updates in the September newsletter.

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Find the list of the 63 BookLynx eBook and digital audio book titles added or renewed for August at http://bit.ly/bklynxAug18. The new additions include over 40 non-fiction/biography titles. Instructions for adding BookLynx eBooks and digital audiobooks to your library’s FollettShelf are on our web site at https://guides.rilink.org/shelf on the [Add/Delete Titles?] tab.

Remember to send your suggestions for additions to BookLynx to Donna Good at https://rilink.libsurveys.com/eBookrequest !!

Destiny & Destiny Discover

New eBook Reader- the Follett eReader was updated on August 13 to a web-based app. To learn more about the changes visit https://www.follettlearning.com/books-materials/learn/digital-content/follett-ebooks#whats-new .

Just a heads up- If your first attempt to go to Destiny Discover produces an error message, just try again, right away.

The Interlibrary Loan function is not working the way we need it to work in Destiny Discover. We have pushed out Access Level settings to all of our member sites so that only your own site’s holdings, including eBooks, are visible in Destiny Discover.

To place an Interlibrary Loan request, students and teachers will need to Exit Destiny Discover to Destiny, using the symbol with three vertical bars in the upper left-hand corner to bring up the list of options*. View a brief screencast.

*This option may only be available if the patron initially accessed Destiny Discover from Destiny Classic. UPDATE: this "glitch" will be addressed in the next update.

You can go into Access Levels in your Back Office to make and Save any changes that are needed for your site, but please be aware that we may need to make changes to the Access Levels settings if we are able to add the Interlibrary Loan function to Destiny Discover later in the year.

Cleanup needed… Graduating seniors have been deleted with any books still checked out to them marked as Lost. A report of their outstanding overdues and fines has been saved in your site’s Report Manager. Please take a few moments to delete any reports in the Job Manager that you no longer need.

Resource Lists… When you start a new Resource List, always add a co-owner, so that the List will stay even if you move or retire, and your patron record is deleted from the system. If you are not sure who to add, you can always search for [three-letter-code]admin, and add that patron as a co-owner. Remember that in order to add a Resource List as a Collection in Destiny Discover, it must contain less than one hundred items.

All of the links from ricat.net now go to Destiny Classic, not Destiny Discover if you are not logged in. When librarians login, librarians will be in Destiny Classic. Students or teachers logging in at a middle school, high school or independent school will be sent to Destiny Discover, with the ability to see only their own library’s holdings, but with the ability to exit to Destiny Classic to place an interlibrary loan request or see what other libraries have. If you would prefer your patrons to go to Destiny Classic when they login, please contact Karen or Sharon.

Remember: when you make changes to Destiny Discover, a time delay may occur before they show up. The changes are communicated to Follett and stored on their servers, which do all of the formatting for Destiny Discover.

Online hints… Do you remember those little question marks on most pages in Destiny Classic? They are a convenient source of help for you, your students, and teachers. To see one example, go to the Catalog tab on your school’s Destiny site, and click on How do I... Destiny Help question mark towards the top right of the page. The resulting pop-up page illustrates how you can use the Find box to do Boolean searches (use AND, NOT, OR in capital letters) and wild-card searches, plus lots of other information about searching and search results in Destiny. While currently a similar help function is not available in Destiny Discover, most of these same functions work for searching in Destiny Discover as well. In Destiny Discover, you can click on the plus sign at the end of the Search box to limit your search by type (keyword, title, author, etc.), format, interest level, or Reading Program, or Clear your previous search limits in the same way as Destiny Classic.

Destiny 16 Webinar- we encourage you to sign up for the "What's New in Destiny 16" webinar on September 18. Just visit https://www.follettcommunity.com/webinar/whats-new-destiny-16-0 to register. Even if you cannot attend, Follett will send you a link so you can watch the parts of the presentation that relate to Destiny Library Manager.

News & New Features from Our Vendors

Learn more/ get subscription information on our website at http://guides.rilink.org/discounts. Please check your current subscriptions before the start of school and contact Dorothy at dorothy@rilink.org with any that are not working or where you need access to usernames/passwords.

If you currently are currently subscribing or thinking about subscribing to TumbleBooks Premium, make sure you check out all of the offerings and features now available at http://www.tumblebooklibrary.com/about_tumblebooks.aspx.

If you have the TumbleBook Book of the Day on your LibGuides site and it is not working, check the URL and make sure it is https://daily.tumblebooks.com/. It moved to a secure server and it is a https address now.

PebbleGo subscribers each got a copy of A Year of PebbleGo: Connecting Content to Literacy by Karen Aleo, a one-stop resource for instruction, research ideas, and differentiation support. The 52 lessons included are designed to be used with the Science and Social Studies databases, and include sections on Questioning, Visualizing, Inferring, Summarizing and Evaluating as well as a number of different graphic organizers.

Exploring Nature now has a student view and a teacher view. The student login and password remain the same. To login as a teacher add _master and use the current password.