*Holiday Help*

By Laura

House Cleaning, Baking, Decorating, Gift Wrapping!

The Holidays are quickly approaching, and catching some of us by surprise! I am here to help you with some of your holiday needs!

Need your house deep cleaned before the big family event? Don't have time to bake those pies or cakes? Need your home or office decorated for the holiday season? Running out of time to wrap those gifts?

Look No Further! I'm here to help!

Contact Me!

Contact me for prices and to set up any service you see here! If you have any other ideas or things to add to the list, feel free to mention them! I'm willing to help in anyway that I can!

Hours are pretty flexible! I mostly work nights and weekend nights at my job. So mornings and day times are the best time for me to help you. I need about two or three days notice before date of service! I will be leaving out of town on December 19, so any Christmas services or help you may need, will need to be done by that day! :)

Thank you for your business and support! Please spread the word!