RCES Preschool/EC Weekly Newsletter

Welcome to our page!

Welcome Parents/Guardians!

This is our combined Preschool and EC classroom page made up of both Ms. A's preschool classroom and Ms. Mary's classroom information. We will use this page as a forum where our parents may come to find links to each teachers' weekly PDF choice board, youtube links, flipgrid video chat links, remote learning tools, and other helpful resources all in one spot.

Below the classroom teachers have their own class information under their name.

Please let us know if you have any questions! :)

Mary's Weekly Choice Boards

This is where you'll find LOTS of activities. Look here first each week. Choose what you can do and continue while it's enjoyable for both of you. The State Board of Education recommends working at home with preschoolers a minimum of 20 minutes a day but no more than 60 minutes a day. I would shoot for about 30 minutes a day. Don't feel the need to fill up an entire school day with activities. Keep it light and have fun. Click the link below for this week's choice board. Remember you can look back to past week's activities too.

Week of April 13th Choice Board

Week of April 20th Choice Board

Week of April 27th Choice Board

Week of May 4th Choice Board

Week of May 11th Choice Board

Week of May 18th Choice Board

Individual IEP Objectives

We are continuing to target your child's particular IEP objectives. You have all received an email with the new objectives we will work on with your child. This is a collaborative process. You will need to reply to that email at the end of the week just like you do with the activities you do in the Choice Boards. Thanks for your help!

Mary's Flipgrid class account

This week's Topic is "Week of May 18th Data Videos" This where you can post any videos of your child working on the NEW weekly objectives. Remember to only post videos on the May 18th topic.

If you haven't posted yet, go on Flipgrid and see how much fun your friends are having!

Click here for Flipgrid. Once there, you'll need to use your personal code I sent you. If you need help, please let me know.

Mary's ZOOM meetings

We're back to our regular Monday and Friday ZOOM schedule.

This week, bring these to our ZOOM meetings:

Monday: Bring a small animal toy to ZOOM

Friday: Nothing for YOU to bring this time...but check your mail. You'll find something special from ME to bring to our last ZOOM.

Mary's Classroom YouTube Channel

Looking for something more? There are also many wonderful videos on our Classroom YouTube Channel. Click here

EPIC! Books

Let me know if you want to sign up for an EPIC! Book account if you haven’t already. They have TONS of stories to read. This week you'll be able to read 2 stories called "Shapes" and "Seeds". Then do a quiz to see what you remember.

Epic Books Sign In

Ms. A's classroom links

Week of April 13 choice board

Hello all!

This is where you will be able to find the weekly choice board filled with this week's activities. You will have to copy and paste the link below to access the choice board. When you complete an activity, use your computer shape icons, your phone editing features, etc and mark which ones you have completed. I ask that you share one picture with me a week. Whichever activity you choose to do each day, take a picture of your child doing said activity and send it directly to my email. Do not feel obligated to do it all, by any means. Take time to enjoy your family and spend quality time together. Thank you!!

Click on the link below. Please let me know if you have trouble accessing it. :)

Choice board links

Preschool class flipgrid page

Here is the link to our class flipgrid account. Remember you will click on the link, use your child’s student ID, and log them in. This week I would like you to share your favorite toy with your friends. Show them which toy is your favorite, tell us the name, and what you like to do with your toy.

How fun!

Fun Video!

Every week I will be posting a "fun" video in this space. It might be a fun dance song, a fun story, or a clip that I saw that I thought you would all enjoy. :)

This song makes ANYONE want to get up and dance!!

Can't Stop the Feeling-Trolls

"Can't Stop The Feeling!" Official Movie Clip | TROLLS

Resources for both our rooms

Story Time With Some of Your Favorite People

Each week you'll get to choose listening to stories from your favorite people. Have fun!!

Mrs. Jepsen reads "Moo Baa La La La and The Going to Bed"

Mrs. Jepsen reads "The Ok Book"

Mrs. Jepsen reads "Moose Tracks"

Mrs. Jepsen reads "What Is Chasing Duck?"

Mrs. Jepsen reads "The Lucky Green Frog"

Mary reads "I Ain't Gonna Paint No More"

Mary reads "Groovy Joe's Dance Party Countdown"

Mary reads "Monster Boogie"

Mrs. Thibodeaux reads "Pigeon Wants a Puppy."

Mrs. Jepsen reads "Me Jane"

Mrs. Jepsen reads "Kindness"

Mary reads "Listen to the Rain"

Mary reads "Bedtime at the Nut House"

Mrs. Jepsen reads "The Thankful Book"

Mrs. Jepsen reads "The Peace Book"

Mrs. Jepsen reads "Be You"

Mrs. Jepsen reads "I WIsh You More"

Mrs. Jepsen reads "Annie Bananie"

Mary reads "The Lady with the Alligator Purse"

Mary reads "Move Over Rover"

People Wearing Masks

There are so many things our kids have to figure out during this time. One is seeing so many people wearing masks out in public. They may be confused and wonder if all of these people are doctors. Miss Benson shared this book with us. I'm sure it will help. Seeing Other People in Masks

Fossil Ridge Public Library fun

Hey Friends! One of our awesome friends from Fossil Ridge Public Library, Sarah, is working on a wonderful project for the RCES Students. You can reach out directly to her via email shopf@fossilridge.org.

Sarah is trying to compile pictures, thoughts, journals of what our kids have been experiencing during this time. Sarah would like to get this in our children’s non fiction section as soon as she gets back to work at Fossil Ridge Public Library. Please feel free to email Sarah if you are willing to share your child’s experience during this pandemic.

Sarah Hopf

Children's Services Librarian