Berbers tribe

By: Maggie Carpenter

where is the tribe located?

Today they can found in Western North Arica, but they can be found as far eastern Libya and Western Egypt and as far south as the Sahara Desert.

Social Organization

Traditional Social Organizational Is based on family. Relations between extended- family's or between clans and villages have in the past been (and continue to some extent to be) mediated by an assembly of heads of family or elders called the Djemaʿa.

Berber Art

Most Berber art is primarily linked to utilitarian objects- poetry, weaving, architecture, and to jewelry. All (or most) have geometrical, nonrepresentational patterns. The forms, patterns, and techniques have not significantly changed since ancient times.


No Berber race can be distinguished, rather the variety of features found throughout the Maghrib (North Africa.) There seem to have always been a wide spectrum of skin colors associated with the berbers.