A holiday celebrated on October 31

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Spiders will enhance the Halloween display because they are something that a lot of people are scared of, and during Halloween people liked to be scared. A lot of the time, cobwebs are seen with spiders in a display or decoration. This is to help enhance the scary feeling by adding something else that is gross along with the spiders.
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Jack O'Lanterns

These will enhance the display because they are made from pumpkins which are grown in fall when this holiday is celebrated. They are cut into a scary face to represent the Headless Horseman, a scary tale that a lot of people are familiar with. Some are cut into smiles to be less scary for little children who go out and trick-or-treat on this holiday. This is where they dress up and go to stranger's houses and ask for candy.
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Mummies will help enhance a Halloween display because they are a scary monster, and Halloween focuses on lots of different scary monsters to create a creepy feeling holiday. They also remind people of death, which is associated a lot with Halloween. People think a lot about the scary aspects of death during Halloween a lot more than the sad aspects of it.
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Halloween Display

This Halloween display has a mummy in it to show not only the scary monster of Halloween, but also death that is associated with Halloween. It is supposed to be the scary aspect of death and not the sad aspect of it. Also, there are some small, plastic Jack O'Lanterns with smiling faces to make the young children not as scared of the other things in the display. Something that might seem scary to them could be the spider on the web in the right corner. It is something that is scary in real life, so the fake one is larger to create more of a scary effect.