Nitrous Oxide

Chemical Reactions Around the World by Rayan Butt


We live in an era where new discoveries in the area of science are made constantly and these findings all have the potential to change our lives in significant ways, just as how their predecessors have done so in the past. One such procedure known as a chemical reaction has proven that the products that result from the reaction can change the world and the way we live. Just to prove how impactful these chemical reactions are we can look at a few examples like the atomic bomb, fireworks, rubber, and nitrous oxide.

What is Nitrous Oxide?

In layman's terms, nitrous oxide is another name for "laughing gas". Nitrous oxide is a gas that


We use nitrous oxide for purposes such as

Creation Process of Reaction:

- how the reaction creates the product

- the role the reaction itself does in the process to make XYZ

Chemical Equations and Type of Reaction:

The chemical formula of nitrous oxide is N2O.

The word equation of the chemical reaction that results in nitrous oxide is:

Ammonium Nitrate → Water Vapour + Nitrous Oxide.

The skeleton equation of this chemical reaction is: NH4NO3 (s) → H2O (g) + N2O (g)

The balanced version of the skeleton equation is: NH4NO3(s) → 2 H2O(g) + N2O(g)

As shown by the equation above, we can tell that this type of reaction is a Decomposition.

Fast Facts:

Pros of Reaction:

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