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Man this itches, that is what it feel's like to have ringworm. In this passage I will be talking about what causes ringworm and what are the symptoms. Get ready to learn about ringworm.
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What Causes RingWorm!!

There are 3 types of fungi that causes it tichophyton, miscroporum, and epidermophyton. Also humans plus animals can contract it by direct contact with soil. The infections can spread to different children by sharing items that are not clean. People believe that fungi lives on soil for a extended period of time. That is why if you make direct contact with soil you could get ringworm. Ringworm can happen all over your body.
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Symptoms For RingWorm!!!

When you get ringworm it can be really itchy and inflamed. Then the patches start to develop blisters. Also they start to ooze. ewwwwwwwww. Sometimes people may experience deramtophytois. Which means your toe or finger nails will become thicker, they will crack, and they become discolored, but this doesn't happen to everybody with ringworm.
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So, after reading this you will not want ringworm on your body. Now after reading this you know what causes ringworm and the symptoms for ringworm. Do you actually want ringworm.
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