A Christmas Carol Backround

Tommy Falk

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Charles Dickens

  • Charles Dickens was a famous author who wrote many highly regarded and liked stories and books.
  • Charles lived in Great Britain during the Victorian Era.
  • He lived to be 58 years old.
  • Dickens had to work at a very young age, because his family was in debtors jail.
  • Charles was a victim of child labor and Poverty during the Victorian Era.


  • During this time Great Britain produced clothing, nail, cutlery, and leather goods.
  • Industrialization started from Urbanization and rapid growth in Britain.
  • Was a huge part of England's economy.

Victorian Era

  • Named after Queen Victoria.
  • She was the ruler during this time, 1837 to 1901.
  • This era was the last English monarchy.
  • In this era, industrialization was huge, but their was a lot of poverty during this era from low paying jobs and many factories.

Child Labor and Poverty during the Victorian Age

  • The Victorian age brought many struggles for many families, because of all the low paying factory jobs.
  • Many children had to work during this time so their family would have enough money.
  • For example the great Charles Dickens had to work for his family to get out of debtors jail.
  • Their was not enough good paying jobs in this age.

Additional Infromation

  • Charles Dickens had 10 children with 1 wife.
  • He traveled around to sell his great novels and give speeches.
  • The Victorian Age played a huge role in many lives in England.

Understanding of the Time Period

  • This time period changed many peoples lives.
  • Because of this period people in middle class families even had to go to debtors jail.
  • Poverty was really bad during this time, because of the low paying factory jobs.
  • Industry was what the economy depended on.