Types of Sleep consciousness

by: Alexis Ayala

Biological Theorems

Sleep is very affected by biological rhythms or going though physiological changes. Biological rhythms are regular, periodic changes in a body’s functioning. There are three types of biological rhythms

  • Circadian rhythms: biological cycles that occur about every twenty-four hours. Sleep follows a circadian rhythm. blood pressure, body temperature, and urine stage also have circadian rhythms.
  • Infradian rhythms: biological cycles that take longer than twenty-four hours. Women that go through the cycle occur about every twenty-eight days.
  • Ultradian rhythms: There are some biological cycles that occurs more than once a day. Sleep follows an ultradian rhythm of about 90 minutes as well as a circadian rhythm. Awareness and levels of the hormones also follow ultradian rhythms.
Biological rhythms usually save with environment events such as changes in daylight. Anyways experiments have shown that many biological rhythms continue to have the same cycle even without signals from the environment. Such biological rhythms, they originate from inside the body rather than depend on outside cues.