Alex Lin

By: Azael Flores, Period 3

Early Life

Joshua Wong was born on October 13, 1996. His mom, Grace and father, Roger were always there to support him. His occupation is a students, he studies and fights for the rights he has and for others. He doesn't resort to violence, since he is a christian.

Who I am now

“They are not helicopter parents and do not spoil me … They have given me freedom, which has shaped Joshua Wong as he is now.”



A person who is recognized and admired and idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.


Joshua Wong Chi-fung is a Hong Kong student activist who is the convenor and founder of the Hong Kong student activist group Scholorism. At 15, he battles against plans to introduce "national education", which critics attacked as pro-Beijing "brainwashing". Scholarism's campaign brought more than 100,000 people on the streets in protest; the proposals were duly shelved and Wong became something of a celebrity.
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