By: Mikayla, Alyssa, Jacob and Ethan


1. What was the steam boat?

The steamboat was a very popular transportation in the 1700. Things were transported by water passages.

2. Who invented or came up with the steamboat?

Robert Fulton and Robert Livingston Jr. built the steamboat.

3. How did the steamboat help people travel to the west?

The steamboats shipped people and down the water trials.

4. What was the impact of the steamboats of the united states?

The impact was that they had a way to transport things to family food and equipment. It also gave america a faster way to travel on water.

Transcontinental Railroad

1. What was the Transcontinental Railroad?

The Transcontinental Railroad was a transportation used to transport people and idems to one place to another. it was a train that was also used to transport guns and other weapons.

2. who invented or came up with the Transcontinental Railroad?

Theodore Judah, Schumpeter Taylor built the railroad.

3. how did the Transcontinental Railroad help people move to the west?

It helped the people by giving people a faster transportation for food. It also gives them more jobs. It provides transportation for people but, after a couple years the numbers of passengers decreased.

4. what was the impact of the Transcontinental Railroad on america?

The impact was that it made it faster and safer to travel on. it also saved people money.

Covered Wagons/ Stagecoaches

1. What was the covered wagons/ stagecoaches?

The covered wagons/ stagecoaches was an organized system of land transportation.

2. Who invented or came up with the covered wagons/ stagecoaches?

Mark Twain's but his real name was Samuel Clemens.

3. How did the covered wagons/ stagecoaches help people settle in the west?

It helped people move to the west by shipping goods (food, clothes, ext.), supplies, people, and mail.

4. What was the impact of the covered wagons/ stagecoaches on america?

The impact on America was that it gave the people jobs and it gave the people more ways of transportation.


1. What was the canal?

Canals are waterways that are built by people and used for shipping, travel, and irrigation.

2. Who made or came up with the canals?

James Brindley.

3. How did the canals help people settle in the west?

It helped to cross waterways.

4. What was the impact of the canals on the united states?

To save time and money moving cargo.