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The PA YOUTH SURVEY (PAYS) was most recently administered to 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th grade students attending The Mifflin County School District and Belleville Mennonite School in the fall of 2019. PAYS assesses youth behaviors, attitudes and knowledge and is a primary source of information about what our youth know, think and believe about anti social behaviors. PAYS collects data that impact student's lives: community, school, family and peer/individual.

Communities That Care (CTC) will analyze the data to determine what is going well for the students and what areas they are struggling with. We are able to look at trends and compare data concerning change and patterns, as well as state data. The survey also assesses risk factors that are related to harmful behaviors and the protective factors that help guard against them.

We will receive MC PAYS results the end of this month.

During the month of May, CTC will delve into the PAYS data. If you are interested in learning more or participating in one (or more) of the following data groups, please contact me.

Data groups are:

  • Alcohol, tobacco and other drug use (ATOD)
  • Antisocial behaviors
  • Community and school climate & safety
  • Social/emotional health
  • Systemic factors which look at the perception of risk, parental/peer disapproval & attitude of peer use, availability and favorable attitudes toward ATOD use and anti social behaviors

By utilizing the PAYS data, adult perceptions are removed and the youth's knowledge, attitudes and behaviors become the driving force for prevention in Mifflin County.

It PAYS to know!

Operation Parent to hold a free webinar: Fresh Ideas for Family Fun

Wednesday, April 22nd, 7pm

This is an online event.

COVID Crazy? Fresh Ideas for Family Fun

Wednesday, April 22, 2020
7-7:45pm ET

Are you out of fun family activities to get through this quarantine? Feeling stressed with trying to juggle working from home plus manage your children, online school, and so much togetherness? Looking for some ways to deal with your own stress? So are we! Our team members have children in all age groups and will be sharing ideas on family fun, and ways to destress. We want to hear from you too during this 30-minute interactive webinar!! Don’t miss out and join us to share ideas, refresh and regroup!

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COVID-19 is a Good Reason to Help Your Child Quit (or Never Start) Vaping

Thursday, April 23rd, 4pm

This is an online event.

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids + Center on Addiction President Fred Muench, PhD will be answering your questions about substance use, addiction and the role families can play in supporting a loved one who is struggling.

The connection between vaping and an increased vulnerability to COVID-19 can be a strong talking point when discussing vaping with your teen or young adult. Not only is it important that your child stays healthy, but it’s equally important not to risk the health of other people in the home.

If you have previously asked your child to quit or cut back without the result you’d hoped for,

the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 present a good opportunity to try again.

To participate: Like us on Facebook to receive updates >>

Learn how to talk to your child about vaping >>

The United Way Resource Guide is a VERY HANDY guide to most every question our consumers are asking about. Keep this handy and thank the United Way!

United Way of Pennsylvania COVID-19 Resource Guide-

This guide provides key information about COVID-19, presents many resources for individuals or families effected by COVID-19 and contains information on ways you can help make a difference.

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Big picture

There are all kinds of activities for parents and educators to use for their kids, such as

daily events, live events, reading, writing, math, social studies, science, fitness, art, music, DIY projects, emotional well-being, life skills, field trips and more.

Click here for the resource