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Notes from Mrs. Hamp

  • Permission slips are due February 11, along with $25.
  • Thank you for all who brought in 2 liter bottles. We were able to start our experiment last week and the kiddos were so excited.
  • The spelling bee is this week. Good Luck to Zoey!
  • Just a reminder, we will be starting D.A.R.E. this week so if you have not turned in your permission form, please send that in on Tuesday.

Steps to building our Terrarium!

What are we learning this week?

Phonics: review of Latin suffixes: -ary, -ity, -age, and -ence

Math: We will start off the week by taking a test over our Topic 8: Numerical Expressions, Patterns, and Relationships. The rest of the week we will begin our Topic 9: adding and subtracting fractions. We will look at least common denominators so please remind your child to practice those multiplication facts so they are able to find these factors quickly.

Science: This week we will be looking at the scientific method and applying that to our terrarium observations. We will learn how to collect data on a table over a period of time. We will also take a closer look at the water cycle and do a couple of experiments to observe the water cycle.

Reading and Writing: We will be focusing on creating constructed responses from questions asked about our reading. While we read and understand texts on the water cycle, we will highlight the main idea and supporting details that accurately support the main idea.

Week 18 Phonics List

Rule: Review of latin suffix -ence, -ary, -ity, and -age

library, summary, passage, percentage, humidity, ability, activity, absence, sequence, independence, imaginary, bandage

Mark Your Calendar

January 20: begin D.A.R.E

January 21: Spelling Bee

February 11: Field Trip forms are due

Happy Birthday!

No Birthdays!