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Publication 14 : 11/18/2019

Gompers journey...#180daysofwhy

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1/3 of the school year is complete - 60 Days of SUCCESS Celebration!!!

11/18-21 - Instructional Pathways...Enhancing Rigor through DOK

Our 1st Professional Release Days:

Agenda for Meeting:

Please bring the following:

-Grade Leve/Department Action Plan-

Lesson Plan Book

-Grade Level Standards, Blueprints, LBUSD Scope and Sequence

-Course(s) Book Materials

-Data from Unit 1 and data sets used to support quarter 1 grading


Sneek peek into what the ILT Team will be supporting/leading us through in building our DOK understandings:

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ILT Quarterly Visitation 1/Reflections

Additional details will be discussed at Professional Release day; specifically the notice and wondering sections

Coming Soooooon...Collaborative Inquiry Visitation

Thursday, Dec. 12th, 9am

5206 Briercrest Avenue

Lakewood, CA

Providing feedback on our PD journey instructional best practice of DOK and rigor in the examination: qualitative and quantitative.

Assessment Calendars

Math Units

1st Grade Unit 3-- Testing Window Opens Dec. 2

2nd Grade Unit 3 – Opens Nov. 18

3rd Grade Unit 3 – Opens Nov. 19

4th Grade Unit 3 – Opens Dec. 9

5th Grade Unit 3-- Opens Dec. 9

6th - Opens Nov. 7 & 6thACC - Opens Nov. 7

7th - Opens - Nov. 15

7ACC - Opens - Nov. 7

8th - Opens - Nov. 7

ALG - Opens - Dec. 13

ELA Synergy Assessment

Grades 2-8 Unit 2 Oct. 21-Dec.2 (5 wks)

Window Opens on Nov. 18 and Closes Jan. 14

The chart below indicates the ST MAth/Jiji weekly progression toward syllabus completion:

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Culture and Climate

Edict from Superintendent Steinhauser

Effective Monday, December 2nd, students can no longer be outside serving recess detention. Mr. Steinhauser said a teacher can be assigned to detention duty indoors. That would be considered acceptable. If they do have detention, they must be allowed to go to the bathroom at that time. Students cannot be publicly shamed by not being allowed to have recess outside.

We can discuss further after the meeting the staff meeting this Thursday.

Side note - research says that taking partial minutes from students rather than the whole recess is far more effective. If students feel as though they've lost all recess, all hope may be lost and students may not try to regulate and regroup.

CORE "Mini" Survey Results from 10/31:

2 categories measured:

Safety and Sense of Belonging to 3-8 grades

Safety for ES and MS

Sense of Belonging for ES 75% and MS 68%

Safety for ES 74% and MS 60%

Disaggregated data questions regarding "safety" were very depressing to be quite honest:

ES - Do kids, push. hit you when they are not playing around - 61%

MS - Pushed, shoved, slapped or kicked by someone not playing around - 55%

What is this data really telling us about our "Welcome and Safe"? What is it telling us about our implementation of daily practices with LBUSD: U6 and SEL??

School Leadership...........


Safe and Civil:

* Analysis of CORE "mini" survey data (10/31) for next steps

* Year Focus - Playground Expectations & Playground Enhancement w/"noontime" activities


Presentation leads of PD on DOK and Rigor at Professional Release/ for (2 hours)

Presentation leads for Staff meeting on 11/21

SDM: Finalization of ByLaws will be sent electronically for review by Knowlton


Minutes 10/29

Fair Act Resources and Informational Slidedeck

We have not had the opportunity to review this information at all as a site. However, classrooms in grades K-5 will receive a set of picture books resources to use. Unable to get these to you last week, I will give it to you at Professional Release.

Legal Information regarding Fair Act legislation:

Specifically slide #11, shares implementation opportunities available per grade level.

At this point, I just expect that you review the slide deck by the end of November, look at the set of books and when its time to have a discussion we will be ready.

Happenings in Gompers K8 Community

FIBO Art Assembly Schedule - 11/21

9:05 - 9:50 - Quamma, Primrose, Ramirez, Estrada, & Evans

9:50 - 10:35 - Lourenco, Patterson, Bethel & Montes

10:50 - 11:25 - Goguen, Beay Alvarez, Rim-Mean, Maggiotto & Leckich

#GATORNATION come by on 11/21 for THANKFUL THURSDAY festivities

What: Celebrating the first 1/3 of the year!!! aka - 60's Day!!

Where: Come to a special "Peace and Love themed luncheon" in Rm. 18

Come one, come all and wear your 60's outfits for a day of #TEAMGOMPERS "spirited fun"

11/22 - Achievement Celebration & SOM

Celebrating the 1st Quarter of the school year:

Elementary K-5 - Progress/Growth Mindset/Improvement & SOM

Middle School - 1st Quarter/Progress Grades & SOM


Elementary K-5 - Progress/Growth Mindset/Improvement

9:00 - Grassy Area

Middle School - 1st Quarter/Progress Grades

3rd period in the auditorium - 6th

5th period in the auditorium - 7th

6th period in the auditorium - 8th

** WE will make a decision on THURSDAY if the celebration times for Elementary need to change based on weather/rain**

Adjunct Duty

Click the embedded link to view

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The parent newsletter below addressed the safety of Gompers in connection with Santa Clarita and Saugas community

Gompers Bulletin "parent news"

This parent bulletin is sent via email and text message to parents each week. It will also be available on our school's website.

November 2019

11/18 - 21 - Professional Release Days (see emailed schedule)

11/19 - ILT - all day TRC

11/19 - PTA Board Meeting

11/19 - Girl's BBall @Stanford

11/20 - Counselor's meeting

11/21 - Thankful Thursdays with a twist of the 60's - Room 18 Luncheon Fun!!!

11/21 - Girls' BBall @ Bancroft

11/21 - Staff Collaboration led by ILT: DOK & Increasing Rigor @ 7:45am

11/22 - SOM and Achievement Celebration AWARDS ceremony

11/22 - Kindergarten Native American Celebration @ 10:45

11/25 - 29 - Thanksgiving Recess

12/ 3 - Miller @ Powelll 1:30 - 3:00

12/4 - 5 - SBAC Interim Assessments for 3rd - 8th