Room 104 Weekly Update

Week of January 4, 2016

Upcoming Events

  • January 4- No School (Teacher Prep Day)
  • January 7- Robotics Demonstration during lunch
  • January 18- No School (MLK Jr. Day)
  • January 26- 3rd Grade Field Trip
  • January 29-100th Day of School Celebration

Reminder: No more reading logs!

What's Going on in Room 104?

  • Art Teacher Program: Art for 3rd grade will begin in January.

  • Genius Hour: Students will be selecting new Genius Hour Topics this week. Please be continuing these conversations at home. Ask your child what their topic is and what they are learning. Allow them to teach you. THAT is where the magic learning happens. I will let you know when our presentation date will be soon.
  • As noted above, we will no longer have reading logs. I gave an explanation of this in our last newsletter. My expectation is that your child is still reading every night. Please write down or email me the names of any books your child has finished that they can take an AR Test on.
  • 3rd Grade Field Trip will be at the end of January. As a reminder students need 100 points and safe behavior the week before in order to attend the field trip.