The Weekly Homefry

Sugar is playing hide and seek, be careful.

Everyone Look out for Sugar, its hiding in Plain Sight!

Do you know how it's hiding?

It is using multiple names. Did you know it is using over 50 names.

One of them is Fructose,

or High Fructose Corn Syrup, maybe Barley Malt, and even Molasses.

So be careful when you check the ingredients of your favorite muffin!

You Might get Liver Disease!

Well watch out for sugar...

Reward For anyone who catches the Sugar$$$$

We all know now that sugar likes to play hide and seek.

But It's gotten so annoying, that now we are offering a reward!

We are offering a pile of french fries!

Hopefully we catch the sugar, before anyone one consumes too much of it!

And Becomes Obese and Loses their teeth!

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Hello I am Homefry. I love to eat frenchfries.