Primary Special Education

Student Support Centre

Fall News

We are off to a great start here in the Student Support Centre. The students have begun to learn new routines and are showing great progress as we move through term one. Please continue to read each night for a minimum of ten minutes. You can choose a book online at (login: amuir password: books),, or even a just right book from the library (use the five finger rule!). You can even use the links I've added at the bottom of the page! Please remember to send back all Friday homework each and every Monday fully completed. This regular practice will help move your child forward in their learning, and will teach them learning skills such as responsibility. If the assessment envelope comes home, please send it back to me the next day.

Math in the Student Support Centre

We have completed our first unit in Math on Number Sense and Numeration. We have recently started our unit on patterning. You can help your child at home by discussing and making patterns, which can be made from virtually anything! Try making repeating patterns out of toy cars, then discuss the core. Or try creating a growing pattern out of candies that are each bigger in size than the last, then discuss the pattern rule. There are endless possibilities!