Converse's Team Update, Nov. 13

We are one team, with one mission, to be our best together!

Celebrations and "family/team" updates!!!!

  • Ohhhh no, in delaying getting this out I missed asking you all to wish Sharon Martin from the cafeteria a Happy birthday on Saturday! Please make sure to wish her a very happy belated birthday on Monday!
  • It was a very busy week at Converse so we have lots to be celebrating!
  • First, a giant thanks to Mrs. Kreitzer for facilitating a great convocation on caring and on "Letting others shine"! Please try to continue to use that language as we reinforce or encourage better behavior choices with our students.
  • Also, thanks to Mrs. Kreitzer and the aides for supervising behavior boogie on Tuesday. Continue to use that to reinforce good behavior choices. You might even find a visual to add to your classroom behavior chart to remind students that getting to a specific place causes them to lose behavior boogie. And remember you are welcome to make individualized goals for students who might not have a chance at behavior boogie otherwise. See Jenny if you want to do that.
  • We also hosted a great book fair this week thanks to all Mrs. Frank (and her hubby) did for us. She had lots of parent involvement! Thanks, Linda, for all you do!
  • We also celebrated lots of veterans on Wed. with a nice convocation and reception in honor of Veteran's Day. Thanks to Alana and Denise on facilitating all that they did! Also, thanks to Brandi for allowing us to honor her son's service by bringing in things for him and his fellow service men and women.
  • Lastly, thanks so much to all the second grade teachers on hosting another successful grandparents' day! It means so much to the students and grandparents!
  • What a big week for our school, thanks to everyone for your flexibility to your schedule as we tried to accommodate all these learning opportunities!

Team Announcements

Items in bold print and underlined are new to announcements.

  • NEW - Teachers, just a reminder to go through the questions on Standard 1 prior to our staff meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 18th. We also hope to share a couple of technology nuggets with everyone at our meeting.
  • Midtems will be due again on Monday, Nov. 16th and posted to parents on Wed, the 18th.
  • Cookie pick up will be Monday, Nov. 16th and the Mega-party is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 30th. If you can help with either please let Jenny know. Thanks for anything you can do to help!
  • Picture retakes will be on Monday, Nov. 16th.
  • Nov. Lounge Clean up Crew: 2nd grade staff

Team Focus

Commonsense Media Lesson

Our students are learning about the importance of giving credit to the author of works and how they can give credit to their own creative work online?

Students learn the basics – title, name, and date – for crediting creative work. Students discuss the importance of citing work, as well as recognizing that they should give themselves proper credit so that others can attribute their work when used. Lets all continue to reinforce this concept within the classroom as we work on the internet and with iPADs.

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