The Scopes Trial

By:Austin Larson

The "Monkey Trial"

The scopes trial is also known as the monkey trail. What the scopes trial was a trial that was started from a few select teachers in tennessee that did not follow the law that didn't allow them to teach evolution. It was also one of the biggest well known debates since it was between science and Theology.
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The trial

In the summer of 1925 John scopes was prosecuted for breaking the law and he was defended by a legendary lawyer named Clarence Darrow. The trial one it started was almost like a carnival since they sold fans and popcorn and hotdogs. All scientists were banned from the court since they would be biases. After the trial the law was eventually repealed, but John scopes still had to pay a fine for breaking the law. Later in the 1960's there was a play that was created called Inherit the wind.
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Scopes Trial