Singing Grande

by: Stone E. p2

" keep on trying and never give up ", is what I think of when I hear the name Ariana Grande .Ariana Grande has such great talent, and she is also a great role model for kids.One thing I have to say is that she has some talent on her face ,I mean look at her .Ariana Grande has a great career going right now , but she has ups and downs she has to deal with .She pushes through those and never gives up.

Here's some questions,what is Ariana Grande known for ? She is known for singing duh!she is also known as playing a big role in "victorius",she played as cat. To answer your question ,no not as an animal her name was cat.What inspired her to sing ? Her family mostley, because they are carring and they help her get better and better.Her family did lots of singing with her too ,I mean think about it wouldnt it be really awkward to sing with your family. Well apperantly its not for her family.

What is her favorite song and why? Her favorit song is "break free" because it has the most hits on it. Where did Ariana Grande work on singing, did she get lessons? She worked on singing at North Broward Prepatory school.Yes she got lessons have you ever heard her voice like seriusly.One thing that I have to say is that if you have never heard her sing than you are super duper dumb.

How did she get over stage fright?Ariana practiced and practiced untill she got it down. If I went up on stage I would black out because I would be performing in front of about 3,000 people so yea she practiced alot .

Now lets get some random questions in. Has she ever ditched any of her family members and why? Well she ditched her brother because she thought he was kind of awkward . what I think is that why did she ditch him I mean he's your brother for crying out loud! Here's another one . Has she ever canceled a vacation because of Ebola ? Yes she has but I don't think she should have because there's no point its not like Ebola is bad.

This topic is a really good topic to learn things from. Make sure you work hard in every thing you do and you will succeed .She worked hard and she has a great career because of that , remember hard work pays off.


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