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February 2022

LEE HS Library 2021-22 School Year

Welcome to the February newsletter! The LEE Library was a cozy place to escape the many cold days we had this month. Thank you to all of the students who make time to visit the library each day! Before, during, and after school the library is a place for all students to work toward their academic goals and to pursue their personal interests. Teachers please take a look at professional development opportunities coming in March.

LEE Library Hours:

M, W, TH, F: 8:10 AM - 4:40 PM

Tuesday: 8:10 AM - 4:30 PM

Highlights in this newsletter include:

  1. Instructional collaboration in February
  2. Reading promotions: resources for students and teachers
  3. Professional development: opportunities for teachers in March

Library Instruction Highlights

ISA's Ms. Pena & English I Honors Students

Thank you to Ms. Pena who brought her English I Honors students to the library for an inquiry lesson. Her students are preparing speeches for their DoJust climate change projects and conducted research using library databases to support their arguments. Representing a wide variety of perspectives, students collaborated with small groups to effectively design key word searches to gather evidence. Students pushed each other to think critically about their topics and the best way to uncover important information.

Reading Promotions & Resources for Students

Sora eBook & Audiobook App

Changes have arrived to the delivery system that offers students and staff eBooks and audiobooks. As of December 31, 2021 the OverDrive app will no longer be available. All ebook and audiobook checkouts will be facilitated through the Sora eBook app. New to Sora? Familiarize yourself with the app by accessing it from Launchpad --> Library Resources folder. Watch this one minute video to learn more how to access and use the app.

Chinese Lunar New Year

Year of the Tiger: on Thursday, February 10, the LEE HS Chinese Culture Club partnered with the LEE Library to host a before-school Chinese New Year celebration. Lion Dance performers entertained teachers and students. Following the performance, the president of the Chinese Culture Club presented to students about some of the cultural traditions associated with Chinese New Year. Students created paper decorations and were encouraged take red envelopes, symbolizing good wishes and luck for the new year!

New Romance Novels

Stop by to see our new Romance Novels: we have plenty of new titles for our romance fans. No time to stop by the library? We have many eBook and audiobook titles available 24/7 for checkout. You can visit the Sora eBook app by going to Launchpad --> Library Resources folder --> Sora eBook. If you'd like more assistance with using the app, watch this short video to get started!

Curriculum & Instruction Support for Teachers

Women's History Month Resources

Teachers - are you looking for Women's History Month Resources? Flipgrid has numerous options for easy access and integration in your instruction.

There are even LIVE events!

From Flipgrid: "Meet incredible women who've lived through the horrors of the Holocaust, carved their niche in a male-dominated world, and overcome the challenges of a learning disorder to make it to the top of their game."

Not interested in a live event? You can also make selections from the Discovery Library. Visit

Flipgrid now!

TCEA Resources:

"10 Helpful Resources for Women's History Month"

Media Literacy

Supporting Students' Media Literacy

As recent events in the Ukraine have demonstrated, it is imperative that educators support students in their ability to investigate news sources (including video and images) to ensure that what they are reading is reliable and accurate. How can we help students develop strategies to avoid misinformation and disinformation online? Educators in ALL content areas have the opportunity to play a role in helping students develop critical media literacy skills.

Start here with these resources:

MediaWise: The Teen Fact-Checking Network

Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) Civic Online Reasoning curriculum

Mike Caulfield's blog for teachers to help students hone their fact-checking skills: fourmoves

Media Literacy Resources for teachers: CTRL+F

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Black History Month

Black History Month Resources are available ALL YEAR long: The Flipgrid educator dashboard makes learning about Black history, experiences, and achievements accessible through a collection of resources. Use this link to find resources.

Professional Development Opportunities in March

Change Your Classroom With Learning Guides

Do you want to create a framework for student autonomy, choice, and differentiation? Using simple applications you are familiar with, you will design and develop a learning guide using Google Slides. You will leave the session with a learning guide that can be immediately put to use in your classroom to support an upcoming lesson, unit, or topic. Ongoing support will be provided for those who attend the session and wish to continue to build and implement their learning guide after the session ends.

  • Facilitators: Instructional Technology Specialist Wes Ryan & LEE Librarian Rachel McDevitt
  • When: Wednesday, March 23 at 4:45 PM
  • Register now in STRIVE

Podcast Lowdown

Building Students' Media Literacy

Not sure how to help students build media and digital literacy skills? In podcast #184 "Lessons that Build Students' Media and News Literacy" from The Cult of Pedagogy, host Jennifer Gonzalez interviews Kelly Mendoza, Vice President of Education Programs for Common Sense Education

For more information and links to additional Cult of Pedagogy episodes, click here.

Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash

Sora eBook & Audiobook Circulation

The LEE Library thanks all LEE and ISA teachers who promote the library's electronic collection!

Sora checkouts (eBook and audiobook combined):

February 1, 2022 - February 28, 2022: 19

Coming in March:

  • Women's History Month resources
  • Spring Break eBook and audiobook reading promotion
  • Professional Development opportunity: Change Your Classroom With Learning Guides

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