Cause-Effect Diagram

By: Mackenzie, Serena and Max

Mackenzie Personal Connection

The lady jays soccer team. We work together and connect through team dinners, talking and passing the ball on the field, practicing together, and giving up time with family to spend with our team.

Serena Personal Connection

Youth Group. We work together as a team because we listen to each other, as a sign of respect. Trusting each other, which helps be able to depend if each other, also allowing us to get our work done. We also work together when practicing out bible verses, which helps us prepare for our bible quizzes . All together as a team its easier to get stuff done.

Max personal Connection

Liberty bluejays baseball. We work together by participating in team activities, also through team dinners, and communication on the field. We also all have to look presentable, by cutting our hair short and looking nice for each game. Communication is key because it helps us work together and make correct decisions.

Caesar Connection

Caesar is a bad king, because of many reasons including how he was weak, "He fell down in the market-place, and foamed at mouth and was speechless." (I.ii. 160-161) Not listening to people "Beware the ides of March" (I.ii28) He was also arrogant, "But I am so constant as the Northern Star" ( I.ii.65) Lastly he was mischievous "And therefor think him as a serpents egg Which hatched, would as his kind, grow mischievous And kill him in the shell." (I.ii32-34)

World Connection

The government. The government works together as a team, by making laws that protect our society, they protect us by security devices in different locations, they have veto power, if they don't like an upcoming law, and there are different branches of government such as the Judicial branch, Legislative branch, and Executive branch.